៹𖤐˚. nicola . . .
she / they / star. eighteen. enfj. lesbian. taurus. autistic. adhd. dyslexic. child of hades.

<3 coffee, theatre, sitcoms, rain, horror movies, frogs, cats, the moon

</3 proshippers, spiders, bigots, chuck bass, pierce hawthorne, hot weather

community, gilmore girls, doctor who, gossip girl, veronica mars (+)

ginger snaps, ready or not, final destination 3, almost famous, white oleander, saw, gone girl, the butterfly effect (+)

comfort characters
annie edison, abed nadir, troy barnes, clara oswald, amy pond, rory williams, the doctor, blair waldorf, veronica mars (+)

DNI !!
basic criteria, ur against self-diagnosing, u support bi/pan lesbians, u don't support neo pronouns, u stan tom felton or jkr, are a nmd

byf !!
i don't tag caps, i swear, i'm multifandom, sb to unfollow, don't privqrt, i'm not always active